Pi-Hole Windows Updates Block-List english

Get the power back on your computer! With this list of piholes you stop the update supply of Windows 10.

And so you can finally decide for yourself at which time the Windows forced updates will be uploaded.

Especially with Win10 Home you have been asked to be a software tester: higher versions than Windows Home get the updates only after they have been tested on you.

At least you’ll get back the control with this Windows Blocking Blocking Pihole List.

But there are three things to think about:

  • Whether the Windows-own virus protection Defender can provide its structural security is questionable: You should perhaps prefer the virus protection of another offerer.
  • If you do not import updates, known vulnerabilities are open.
  • I do not guarantee that it works. Or that it is a good idea. Should a virus attack be successful for you, you will be angry. But at least you have backup, right?

Include this line in your PiHole as a „Blocklist“:

If you have suggestions or new findings, please write me an email. I want to enter it.

Applause The reddit members deserve krathalan and in 2010minewastaken – they have done the essential job. Thank you very much !